Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crushed Up Thin Mint Cookies

On Friday evening I found myself staring at my box of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies; to eat or not to eat?   I decided I should bake with them and experiment.  A few ideas came to mind....  I then came up with: crushed up Thin Mint cookies.  

I used the Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe, seen here.  I omitted the chocolate chips for one roll of Thin Mints.  I crushed up the Thin Mints with a champagne bottle, so fancy- I know!  Use light pressure when crushing them up, you don't want them to be to finely crushed.  

Crushed up and ready for the batter! 

Once batter is ready, add thin mints and incorporate into dough
All ready!  Got Milk? 


  1. MMMMMM looks so good and taste even better

  2. soooo. how did they taste? are they a must make?

    1. They turned out to be good! I would add more thin mints next time to make them a bit darker. Overall consensus: Yummy dessert and a good way to extend the life of your roll of thin mints!

    2. Court, they were pretty good, and i hate thin mints....

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