Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day Trip to Angel Island

Searching for an afternoon destination to get a breath of fresh air and escape the hustle and bustle of the city? 
 Angel Island is your perfect escape when the weather is nice!  The island is home to a historic army camp, an old immigration station and is currently a California State Park.  Just a short and easy ferry ride from San Francisco or Tiburon, the island is full of activities for an afternoon getaway.  Many of miles of hiking trails, hidden beaches, history, and mountain biking awaits the adventurous weekend warriors.
Ferry from Tiburon to Angel Island 
Abandoned Army buildings scattered
throughout Perimeter Rd.
Rent bikes at the Cove Cafe for $12.50 an hour. Or better yet, bring your own bike from home (they are welcome on the ferry!) Head onto Perimeter Road which will take you around the whole island for five miles.  Starts out a bit like a mountain bike trail followed by a nicely paved road.  

Keep your eyes peeled for spectacular views of the city skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge!  Pack a picnic lunch, and set up camp at one of the picnic tables with a view.
Not the athletic type? Gain some knowledge aboard the Tram Tour which takes about an hour and drives you along the whole island.  Or post up at the Oyster Bar and listen to live music.

Now that is a view!


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    1. Thank you! It was the perfect afternoon :)

  2. Photos like these make me want to move out there from NY!

    1. :-) Can't complain about that California sunshine!!