Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY Photo Booth

A DIY photo booth is a perfect addition to any party.  
All you really need are a few items: creative props, a festive backdrop, and a camera on a tri-pod.

For my cousin's bridal shower last weekend, My sister and I created our own version. Although a few hours are needed to create one, it is well worth it! Everyone loved it and the photos are priceless! 
An assortment of props!

  • The backdrop was inspired by this project here, crepe paper fringe streamers.  I ordered crepe paper from this site and bought 3 different colors: white, black, and light pink and shredded away!  
  • To add some spice, I layered the crepe streamers with a sparkly silver fringe curtain against a white sheet. 
  • We pinned each layer to the top of the white sheet and glued the top of the sheet around a long wooden dowel.
  • We hung the wooden dowel up and ta-dah, we had a backdrop!  
  • For props: I scoured the internet for free printable props.  Here is what I used: glasses, bows, hats, moustaches, love words, and lips.  I printed them out on heavy cardstock and exacto knifed them all out.  Then I hot glued each item onto its own skewer. 
  • I placed all the skewers into a glitterized mason jar and set them an arms reach away from the backdrop.
  • I designated one person as the photographer and they snapped away!
Isn't the bride adorable?!
Let me know how your photo booth adventures turn out! 


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