About Me

I love...
anything that sparkles, Pinterest, traveling- even if it's just for the weekend, cooking, sunshine, my weekly planner, photography, my workouts, and of course, champagne.

Why Blog?
What is a social media obsessed girl to do who when she finds herself with free time?  Start a blog of course!  I want to share with you all my yummy dinners I whip up in my kitchen, the little getaways I go on with my boyfriend, and the DIY projects I make.  Hopefully I can inspire you to get cooking in the kitchen, hop in the car Saturday morning and go see the sites, or become covered in sparkles while glitterizing a mason jar. 

Why Bingo?
As long as I can remember, my family has called me Bingo.  I always used to wear this t-shirt from "Bingo Burrito" in Berkeley and the name stuck like glue.  I don't need to explain the blonde part :D