Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Cinemagram App

Have you heard of the app Cinemagram yet? 
Mind boggling, right?
I was just introduced to this iPhone app over the weekend by the ladies at
Cinemagram lets you create pictures that move, almost like a GIF.  But there is a catch, you get to choose which part of the photo moves!  First, you take a short video of the scene you wish to capture.  Then, you select which part of the video you would like to move.  The rest of the video will stay still, like a photo.  Oh ya, and the app is free in the app store!  The opportunities are endless on what to capture next.
Here are a few cinemagrams my boyfriend and I created over the weekend....
Okay, this one is a BIT creepy

The app reminds me a lot of instagram.  You can follow people, like  other peoples photos  and it has its own feed so you can see what videos your friends are coming up with! 

Are you on cinemagram yet?  
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